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Tiny and Tim

welcomes individuals from all countries, colours, races, ages and genders. For us, it's the person that matters.

Freelance Designers

We are interested in meeting freelance designers with strong experience of children's preschool and/or non-fiction who are able to work remotely. We want to work with individuals where first class technical skills are complemented with strong creative flair and flexibility. If this is you, contact us.

Freelance Editors

Due to our steady growth over the last few years, we have an on-going requirement for freelance editors with the skills and experience to take raw concepts and mould them into finished books.


If you have:

• at least 4 years’ editorial experience in preschool and/or children's colour non-fiction; 

• experience of commissioning and project management;

• solid writing experience;

• strong copy-editing and proof-reading skills; ·

• self-motivation

• real passion for children’s books;


we would love to meet you.


We are open to applicants from all locations and backgrounds. Applicants will work remotely so it is essential that you have the appropriate equipment and software. Get in touch by clicking here.

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