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Which Tail?/Which Ears?

One tail, two ears

and so many choices!

Delightfully silly fun for readers big and small. Turn the wheel to find each character's correct tail or ears. Featuring super-cute artwork from Elsa Martins.



Binding: Board Book

Extent: 5 spreads 

Size: 190 x 190 mm /7.5 x 7.5 inches

Ages: 1+ years

Features: Turn wheel on each spread

Which TailEars_Tail_CVR.png
Which TailEars_Ears_CVR.png
Which TailEars_Tail_SPD 2.png
Which TailEars_Tail_SPD 1.png
Which TailEars_Ears_SPD 1.png
Which TailEars_Ears_SPD 2.png

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